Beware of Scams

Where there are federal and state tax agencies giving out money, unfortunately there are also scammers. As taxpayers, we all must remain aware and vigilant. There are people who are out to fool each of us to get our information and steal money from us. This happens everyday and is not a new topic. The methods change depending upon the time and season, but the need for caution from taxpayers remains the same.

This year the IRS, state agencies, and the entire tax industry has had to warn taxpayers about a new scam where people are phishing for information using the Economic Impact Payment as the bait. As a reminder, do not disclose bank account or other personal information to people who use text messages, emails, or other suspicious methods to contact people. Do not open links but instead go to the website in an independent browser by searching out the legitimate website. The IRS doesn't send text or emails or call people with threats. Never make payments to individuals who will only accept payments via gift cards.